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Personal Branding Audit and Action Plan for CxOs

August 22, 2014


C-Level executives may find it tempting to mimic other executives when it comes to personal branding, and that’s a mistake. Great personal brands are founded on uniqueness. Luckily, it’s simple to begin building your personal brand with some good information and an honest look at your goals and resources. Patrick Sitkins is a brand strategist […]

Creating Strong Social Brands for CxOs

August 20, 2014


  A personal brand isn’t anything mysterious, rather, it’s just a matter of how the world sees you. When people are thinking of doing business with your company, they Google you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at the personal brand of a CEO, CMO, CFO, or the brand of a midsized company, whether you’re […]

Telling Your Brand’s Story Using Social Media

August 6, 2014


Can Midsized Business Tell Their Brand Story Using Social Media? Looking at the Dog’s Breakfast that makes up the majority posts, updates, or tweets for B2B and midsized companies you might be inclined to answer, “No, you can’t.” However, you can if you talk about the real humans behind the brand. Large companies are slow […]

Why Are So Many Midsized Businesses Trashing Their Brand On Social Media?

August 4, 2014


Last Saturday I was sitting in Trad’r Sam, a dilapidated by well-loved tiki bar in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond district, waiting for a friend. Lost in reading I was startled by a disheveled man yelling, “Forty-two.” Caught off guard I broke the cardinal rule when dealing with crazy; I briefly looked up from my reading…Drats. […]

Rethinking B2B Marketing In The Customer’s Context (Report)

July 1, 2014


Is Your Marketing Strategy Aligned To The Customer Life Cycle? If you are a CMO at a B2B company you better be asking that question. The good news if you are a midsized company, you have an advantage over your bigger marketing war chest brothers and sisters at enterprise companies. A CMO at a midsized […]

Competitors Are Using Video To Steal Your Social Media Lunch Money

June 26, 2014

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You hear about the power of videos for B2B ad nauseum, but I have only seen a few hard stats on why mid-sized businesses should spend the time creating videos. Which is why I was glad to find these stats from KissMetrics.

Mindful Social Media: Janet Fouts Interview

June 18, 2014

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While mindfulness has a long history in Zen and other Buddhist teachings, Janet Fouts thinks it is time for brands to be more thoughtful in our social media activities. ❤ ❤ Please Click To Tweet This Post ❤ ❤   Janet’s marketing agency, Tatu Digital, helps brands deliver their story to fans by using social […]


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