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Creating A Powerful Content Marketing Framework Part 2

October 28, 2014

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In Creating A Powerful Content Marketing Framework Part 1 I talked with Erin Robbins O’Brien, the COO of GinzaMetrics, about some of the key components for that framework. But what are the steps you want to take for putting it all together? What should you include in making your content marketing framework? Click To Tweet […]

11 Keys Of Persuasion For Social Media Marketing

October 8, 2014


Social media has been the answer that marketers have been looking for to elevate their efforts. Since the advent of the internet, they consider it as a quick marketing ground to be influential—with a single click, their content can reach a wider scope around the world, their message can be repeatedly executed and delivered in […]

Creating A Powerful Content Marketing Framework Part 1

October 1, 2014


A content marketing framework (a standardized process) is basically something that will allow you to create as close to a close-loop system as your business will let you get. It’s the thing that allows you to develop a process that can be duplicated, not a like mechanism that just stamps out cookie-cutter content but are […]

Creating The Perfect Content Marketing Dashboard

September 25, 2014

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The dashboard. It’s something we’re used to seeing, whether as a casual blogger or a marketer at a midsized organization. For the latter, to have an advantage over larger competitors it’s essential to have a dashboard interface that is well-organized, intuitive and contains relevant resources. Click To Tweet >>> Creating The Perfect Content Marketing Dashboard […]

Map Your Content to Your Buyers

September 22, 2014

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I work with B2B technology companies that have more complex sales. What a lot of people don’t get about content marketing is that content is great if it’s relevant; yet a lot of people don’t map their content to their buyers in the buying process. Click To Tweet >>> Map Your Content to Your Buyers […]

Too Much Content; Not Enough Eyeballs

September 19, 2014


We all know that the internet is constantly exploding with new content and new marketing strategies. However, the population, literacy rate, and the amount of time that people have to pour over new content is not increasing at even close to the same rate. Thus, marketers need to face the fact that the number of […]

Measuring Content Marketing Effectiveness In Achieving Goals

September 15, 2014


A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is an important aspect of business for tracking marketing program health, and implementing KPIs in order to optimize your company’s content marketing performance is a vital strategy. Enterprise companies usually have lots of metrics they are tracking. If you’re a midsize or smaller company you should take this page from […]


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