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How To Integrate Video Into A Robust Content Marketing Strategy

May 13, 2013


Video is powerful because it shows there are people behind your business, which is important for building a strong brand that people can relate to. But how can you integrate it into your content marketing strategy effectively? Know Your Audience Before you can put together a video that will be relevant to your audience, you […]

Social Business Starts With Leaders Connecting Socially To Employees

April 1, 2013


One of the huge benefits that social media (still) has going for it is that it still feels very intimate. Some people complain that social media dilutes their “real” relationships and enhances their less meaningful ones, and that can be entirely true depending on how you choose to use and it with whom. But inside […]

3 Things Executives Can Do To Be More Quoted In The News

November 15, 2012


Executives without media training rarely know when to shut up. When they talk to the press it is all to common for executives to keep talking without an off switch. Just filling the empty air with useless and uninteresting details; effectively hiding the real story. The story they wanted to get out. I Can’t Stop […]

Believe in Ghosts: Blogging Made Easy for Busy Executives

October 30, 2012


Good Blogging Is Good Marketing. Just about everyone agrees. And we see the evidence every day—the best blogs inform and inspire readers, increase site usage, build strong personal brands for the bloggers, and greatly advance the interests of the organizations they work for. Click to Tweet ★   Believe in Ghosts: Blogging Made Easy for Busy […]

Using Your Company Blog And Social Media To Drive More Leads

October 27, 2012

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Marketing is about facilitating more closed business, and ultimately grow the company. When asked, most midsized and B2B companies will tell you that they are “doing content marketing.” However, often when you look at their social channels and company blog the content they create seems highly unlikely to help increase demand generation. Click to Tweet […]

What Must PR 2.0 Do Differently For Coverage From Journalist 2.0?

October 25, 2012


If you are a public relations professional for a B2B or midsized company you have watched coverage opportunities become even more scarce than ever before. I asked Jeff Vance about this. Jeff exemplifies the new breed of Journalist. Jeff is a freelance journalist whose work might appear in any one of a half dozen, or […]

How To Promote and Leverage Your Content Marketing

September 28, 2012


* One thing I love about social media is connecting with like-minded digital marketers. Having the opportunity to meet them in real life is even more fun. Joe Chernov is one such like-mind marketer. Even in the few years I have known him he has become one of the true thought-leaders – a much abused […]

Making Your Business Mobile: Do I Need an App for That?

September 10, 2012


It’s predicted that mobile internet usage will eclipse wired usage by the year 2015. With the rise of connected mobile devices like smartphones and tablets brands are wrestling with the need to make their online presence easy to access for mobile users. Click to Tweet ★   Making Your Business Mobile: Do I Need an App […]

Topic Generator: Free Blogging And Content Marketing Tool Tip

September 4, 2012


Staring at a blank screen when you are trying to come up with your next post can be as frustrating as it is pointless. That’s why I don’t do it, and neither should you. My Idea Generation Go Tos My first stop is often LinkedIn, Quora, and sometimes Twitter. I see if there are any […]

How To Get Your Company More Press Coverage

August 31, 2012


* If you are a midsized or B2B company you probably are deeply aware that getting “ink” these days is next to impossible. There are fewer publications, fewer reporters, fewer editors, and the publications that are left produce a lot less story content. Yet, editors are desperate to find interesting content. What gives? Click to […]


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