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How Do You Connect Employees And Their Passion To The Brand?

February 2, 2013


Often companies “roll out the new re-branding” to employees. and the marketing team then quickly puts a check mark in the done box and they're on to the next. Often brand managers focus only on the communications deliverables and not the holistic reality of creating passionate brand ambassadors from within the company.

Understanding The Dragonfly Effect To Improve Your Social Marketing Strategy

January 29, 2013


Social marketing is often thought of as elusive or it’s over simplified. Venture adviser and marketing strategist Andy Smith, and noted brand researcher and author Jennifer Aaker, have used extensive data and their collecting insights to break it down to a straight forward formula that midsized business can use to deeply impact their marketing and […]

Top 20 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools For 2013

January 3, 2013


The List From time to time, every digital marketer needs a quick and easy social monitoring tool to use for various projects, and if it is free that is all the better. While not an exhaustive list, it is a strong collection of the most popular free tools available. I hope you find what you […]

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Social Business?

December 21, 2012


  While becoming a social business is much less expensive than most companies realize, it does take time and resources. A fair question is, what’s in it for me? Or in this case, what is in it for the company? Ed Brill is a Director of Social Business at IBM. He says that the value […]

4 Keys To Growing A Successful Social Business

November 27, 2012


A social business takes advantage of tools that accelerate and increase knowledge through collaboration. That allows the right people, both internally and externally, to have ad hoc conversations that solve problems, foster innovation, enable faster response to critical issues, and have a far greater understanding of customers and market dynamics than the competition. So where […]

What Arugula Packaging Can Teach You About Customer Engagement

November 20, 2012

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Customer engagement suffers as a buzz word and is tossed around more quickly than dressing on a salad. Also, it is rare to hear examples of how it is implemented in tangible ways. Which is why the idea that packaging can be an opportunity for a brand conversation is even more unexpected. After eating a […]

The Future of Social Business

November 8, 2012


Click to Tweet ★   The Future of Social Business  ★ Recap of MidMarket IBM Social Business’s Futurecast * -New here? Get more useful social media news and insight by subscribing for free to the zero SPAM Steveology Blog email alert *Privacy Policy. * * Most midsized businesses are still early in the process, and trying […]

The Difference Between Social Media And Social Business Explained

November 6, 2012


Understanding the difference is important not only for marketing but for business leaders. Companies that don’t fully understand what this means to them are holding watch over a dying enterprise. Let me explain. A few years ago the true experts in social media quickly moved beyond that buzz word and asked what did it all […]

Believe in Ghosts: Blogging Made Easy for Busy Executives

October 30, 2012


Good Blogging Is Good Marketing. Just about everyone agrees. And we see the evidence every day—the best blogs inform and inspire readers, increase site usage, build strong personal brands for the bloggers, and greatly advance the interests of the organizations they work for. Click to Tweet ★   Believe in Ghosts: Blogging Made Easy for Busy […]

Using Your Company Blog And Social Media To Drive More Leads

October 27, 2012

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Marketing is about facilitating more closed business, and ultimately grow the company. When asked, most midsized and B2B companies will tell you that they are “doing content marketing.” However, often when you look at their social channels and company blog the content they create seems highly unlikely to help increase demand generation. Click to Tweet […]


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