9 Essential Social Media Marketing Stories From April 2009

Posted on May 13, 2009


By Todd HuffmanSocial media continues be a disruptive force to practitioners of traditional marketing, and few communicators have a meaningful language to discuss this thoroughly wonderful, and appropriately scary, transformation. Here are a few writers who helped move the conversation forward last month.

Which stories did I miss? Which stories would your list include?

The Web in Numbers: The Rise of Social Media —  Impressive numbers document the growth of social media’s dominance.

25 Must Read Social Media Marketing Tips — Advice and insights from an impressive mix of social media intelligentsia.

Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 — Where is the Web Going, and What is the Semantic Web? — A must see collection of videos that looks into the future of the Web.

5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page — This is a great list of specific elements that you can use to help create fan pages with large, engaged, followings.

50 Content Ideas That Create Buzz — These are useful ideas and take-aways, with real-world examples, that you can apply to the new business of marketing and communications.

Ford Case Study: Control is an Illusion in the Social Media Age —  Ford’s open and pragmatic approach to their content strategy helps online content producers to start conversations and tell richer, better-informed stories.

The First Step In Digital Crisis Management —  What is the first step in a PR crisis? The first step is, of course, preparing for the crisis before it ever happens. This article is a good place to start.

7 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid On Twitter —  Rodney Rumford, Twitter for business sage, discusses the importance of recognizing and understanding the nuances of Twitter as a communications channel.

15 Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends —  This is a great article that looks at a wide variety of web applications, Twitter accounts, and even iPhone apps that can help people do everything from track popular hashtags to graph out recent Twitter trends.

Bonus: The always interesting Ben Parr, over at Mashable, has been writing a weekly round up of social media stories in his cleverly named. “The 11 Essential Social Media Stories This Week.” Please check him out.

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