Persuasive Sound Bites: Word Pictures that Change Behavior

Posted on May 23, 2009

Lou Hampton

Lou Hampton

By Lou Hampton

Steve Farnsworth (twitter user @TheRealPRMan) has written a super blog entry titled Let’s Shoot the CEO: Is Pay for Placement PR a Brilliant Idea or Acutely Ignorant.

Steve makes a powerful case against pay for placement. But that’s not the focus of this blog
What excited me, and why you should read it, is Steve’s use of a word picture to change behavior.
Rather than attempt to convince with industry statistics… (To Read The Full Post Click Here)
Lou Hampton (@louhampton) is a noted author, speech coach and media trainer dedicated to helping his clients speak so others listen.

He has a great blog where he shares tips, tricks & tactics for leaders to create and deliver powerful messages that get results. (Click Here to Visit or Subscribe To Lou’s Blog.)

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