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Posted on May 27, 2009


Media stalwart O’Dwyer’s, publisher of record for the public relations industry, reported on my blog in their recent blog.

Senior editor Greg Hazley noted: http://www.condron.us

Pay-Per-Clip: Tech PR veteran Steve Farnsworth posted a stern take-down of pay-per-placement PR programs on his blog.

Recalling a meeting with a potential client 10 years ago who requested his PR services on a pay-per-success basis.

“Trying to appear thoughtful, and mustering all the sincerity I could, I said, ‘Not a problem. In fact, I want to get started right away. Let’s take your CEO out to the parking lot and have you shoot him. We will get mountains of coverage for your company. I’ll achieve your coverage goals and use up your annual budget in the next few weeks guaranteed. Who’s got a gun?’ The room fell silent. That was ten years ago.”
Farnsworth’s point: Quickie placements and press mentions are “low-hanging fruit” and essentially worthless in crafting a message and perceptions of a company. If a potential client doesn’t have the funds to support a PR program, they should skip it and spend what budget they do have on writers for white papers, blogs and case studies.

I have to say that as cool as it is to get mentioned by Mr. Hazley in his blog, his Pay-Per-Clip pun is the best part.

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