Steve Farnsworth in the San Jose Mercury News

Posted on June 2, 2009

Pink Slip 2.0

Pink Slip 2.0

Patrick May, San Jose Mercury News, has been writing for a great series called, Pink Slip 2.0. He asked me how job searching was different now than in the dot com crash. I said, “In the dot bomb you had a resume. Now, you have a blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn.”

Here is the rest of what I said as it appeared in the San Jose Mercury’s Sunday paper.

Public-relations veteran and job seeker Steve Farnsworth is creating “an infrastructure of personal branding that in very positive ways is changing forever the way I’ll find work in the future. Even when I find a job, I won’t let my Twitter account or blog go. I’ll never give up the network I’m building right now.”

To read the original article Pink Slip 2.0: Lessons from dot-com bust help current job seekers Click Here.

To view Steve Farnsworth’s resume Click Here.

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