How To Find Twitterers Talking About Your Profession, Company, Or Product

Posted on June 8, 2009

Finding The Right People on Twitter

Finding The Right People on Twitter

I read a very clever idea in a blog post by Corbett Barr of Free Pursuits – You can follow him on Twitter @freepursuits. If you are a marketer, business owner, or just an avid Twitterer looking for the perfect Tweeps, you will want to have this trick in your arsenal.

The reason I was impressed by this technique is because it constantly scrubs the Twitter stream looking for conversations I’m interested in, which increases the likelihood that those Tweeps are people I want to find and follow. Also, as a professional it is a handy tool. I’m interested in finding other corporate communications, public relations, and social media professionals to network with. I spend a lot of time searching out people who share the same passion I have for my profession, and who want to share smart practices.

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Additionally, I use this technique regularly to help my clients build a targeted, meaningful following on Twitter, and you might want to use it the same way.

When others tweet on a topic that is of interest to you, and that you tweet about, they are more likely to follow you and retweet you. That makes this a powerful strategy.

One way you can find Twitterers that are talking about your area of interest is by regularly going to Twitter Search and running a search with your keywords. Frankly, I don’t have the time and it’s boring!

A much better technique is to automate the process by creating an RSS feed of the search and running that feed in to your favorite RSS Reader. Brilliant!

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If you  already know the basics you can move to the next step and implement this strategy right away. Here is what I did:

First, I started by going to Twitter Search and searching on keywords to find tweeps talking about stuff I liked. You may need to try this a few times until you get the right results.

The search I created looked for “Corporate Communications” OR “Public Relationsin Twitter’s stream. It returned about 30 results tweets including these below.

My Results
My Results

Then I created an RSS feed of that search by clicking on the orange RSS feed button in the corner.

Orange RSS Feed Button in the Right Corner
Orange RSS Feed Button in the Right Corner

Next, I imported the RSS feed in to my RSS reader. I like Omea Reader: Free and very powerful. However, you can use any reader that you prefer, like Google Reader.

My Omea Twitter Feed Results
My Omea Twitter Feed Results

From there you can see those tweeting about the topics that you find most relevant and then follow them.

The implications for building a highly targeted business Twitter account are clear. If you do this regularly you can be connected with people who are interested in the same things you are!


Add A Filter To Find Local Twitterers Talking About Your Profession, Company, Or Product.

I wanted a greater ability to connect with others Twitting about corporate communications in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Twitter Adv Search Top of Page

Twitter search has a feature that allows you to search in a geographical region in the Advanced Search section.

Twitter Adv Search Geo

So, I created a Twitter search that added 100-mile radius filter to the results.

Then created the RSS feed for my RSS reader. I hope you can use this to find people near you talking about your business or topics that you want to connect with.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a great technique that you uses? Leave your comments below.

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