Top 10 Most Popular Social Media and Marketing Tweets This Week

Posted on August 15, 2009

It is always interesting to see what articles get the most attention, and sometimes surprising.

I have gathered the articles that grabbed the most attention last week. In the last 7 days these stories had the highest click trough rate. Popularity of the stories are in descending order. –Steve

How Long Before A Lead Grows Into A Customer?

By Lewis Green

In 2001, a VP of Software Development mentioned me to a President and CEO of a company. After about a year, we were hired to develop the business’s Core Mission Statement. We flew out, met with the Executive Team, and together in two days we created a road map for where the Company wanted to go. Six months later, we were brought in for a short gig as the Company’s outsourced Marketing Department, It was then 2003. Six years later, we are bidding to again be the Company’s outsourced Marketing Department.
(Read the complete story here)

5 Things That Will Make You A Better Blogger

By Lee Rowley

In the blogging world, just as in most every other field, there are two kinds of people: Those who are extremely successful at what they do, and those who wonder how the hell they do it. Of course, the people who sit around wondering comprise a much larger percentage, while the much smaller pool of successful bloggers get all the attention (and most of the income). (Read the complete story here)

10 Things You Need Know (And Pass On To Clients) About Social Media.

By Paul Armstrong
  1. Repeat 10 times, “‘Viral’ and ‘sharable’ are not the same (or interchangeable)”.  Know when to use each one and what both mean.
  2. Twitter is not a popularity game.  If you think big numbers is the end-game you should not be playing.
  3. Social media can definitely mean sales but it’s not the only thing and if your client is a numbers wh0re – counsel them.   It’s a marathon not a sprint.
    (Read the complete story here)

25 Social Media Monitoring Companies You Want to Know About

By Ben Barren

So after a stream of consciousness Real-Time Web post yesterday, while waiting for a project to start today, I thought it timely, as Mumbrella posted about Mindshare selecting Nielsen Buzzmetrics below as their Social Media Monitoring Platform, to reacquaint myself with my links to identify the current Top 25 Social Media Monitoring Solutions out there – Not in any order. And I’d love if people left any feedback if they have used the below solutions or any I’ve missed. And if u want me to drill into this further for you….

25 Social Media Monitoring Companies You Want to Know About

By Ben Barren

(Read the complete story here)

Useful Social Media & Online Reputation Monitoring Tools

By Andy Beal

Track Your Buzz, Build Your Brand Reputation! Online reputation management refers to keen observation of the market’s perception of your brand image. Keeping in mind the boom in social media, it becomes equally important to keep a strong vigil over the efficiency of the marketing campaigns launched by you on different social media platforms.
(Read the complete story here)

Top 100 Blogs In Pubic Relations

By blog-Rank

blog Rank uses over 20 different factors to rank the blogs in any category. Some of the factors include: RSS membership, incoming links, Compete Alexa, and Technorati ranking, and social sites popularity.

#       Blog Title Site Score
1st    PR Squared 100
2nd  Influential Marketing Blog 99.35
3rd  The Future Buzz 98.93
4th  Peter Shankman 98.87
5th  Dave Fleet 97.63
6th  PR Blogger 97.25
7th  PR 2.0 97.07

(Read the complete list here)

Ignoring Social Media Makes You Mute, Not Invisible

By Lisa Barron

I realized that a lot of yesterday’s post about being provocative really had to do with fear. It was about the actions companies take because they’re afraid of upsetting the status quo, they’re afraid to be different, and most of all, they’re afraid of being called out and attacked. And to lots of companies, that’s what social media is– taking your precious brand and throwing it to the wolves.
(Read the complete story here)

More Proof That You Need To Manage Your Online Profiles

By Trevor Wilson

The rise in prominence of social media has not been one-sided. Employers are using social networks as an extra step in evaluating employees. So if you say something about your boss over Facebook (especially if you have “Friended” him or her), you can expect consequences. Like the following:
(Read the complete story here)

3 Killer Questions to Define a Communications Strategy

By David Hargreaves

We have recently been grappling with simplifying the development of a comms strategy downfishbone2 to its bare bones. It is sometimes easy to lose track of the ultimate goal in amongst the bewildering array of channels (online and offline), tactics, and monitoring tools.
(Read the complete story here)

20 Expert Tips On Running A Contest Powered by Social Media

By David Spark

Looking to run a contest, but you’re worried nobody will participate? Or worse, that something could go wrong? Lucky for you, you’ve just won the advice of five contest production specialists:
(Read the complete story here)

Useful Social Media & Online Reputation Monitoring Tools
By Andy BealTrack Your Buzz, Build Your Brand Reputation! Online reputation Useful Social Media & Online Reputation Monitoring Tools
By Andy Beal

Track Your Buzz, Build Your Brand Reputation! Online reputation

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