The Silicon Valley Brand Forum’s September 23rd Social Media Event

Posted on September 8, 2009


I spoke at this Silicon Valley Brand Forum event on building a social media listening dashboard.  Electronic Arts was a fantastic host (thanks to Rod Swanson and Jaap Tuinman), and their Milestone Auditorium a perfect venue. Jeremiah Owyang did us a solid by kicking the event off in high gear. Every panelist held up their part of the bargain by giving incredible insight to their social media activities. And I had a blast giving my presentation to a senior group of very smart marketing professional.

Bloggers and Tweeters Are Devouring My Brand Brand Management in the Social Media Jungle

Speakers include

  • Jeremiah Owyang
    • Partner, The Altimeter Group
  • Steve Farnsworth
    • Chief Digital Strategist, Jolt Social Media
  • Rod Swanson
    • Senior Director, Brand Integration for EA

Panelist Include

  • Jeannette Gibson
    • Director, New Media at Cisco Systems
  • Garnor Morantes
    • Manager of Community Input Programs at Ebay
  • Jaap Tuinman
    • Director of Social, Community, Online Marketing at Electronic Arts(Games Label)
  • Joel Postman
    • Social Media Consultant, author of SocialCorp: Social Media Goes Corporate

Moderator for the panel discussion will be:

  • Larry Vincent
    • Chief of Brand Strategy at Siegel+Gale

We’ll also have a presentation on how to build a social media brand tracking dashboard with free resource.

LizardBoy12, renowned blogger in your industry, has just shared the story (with his 200,000 readers) of a poor man in Tennessee who purchased a copy of your “Hard Truth” financial planning software and became so depressed he decided to solve his financial woes by leaping in front of the 6:15 to Chattanooga. Your brand attributes of Insight and Enablement have just become Depressing and Hope Crushing.

How can you manage your brand in the insane world of social media? Is it worth even trying? Some companies have shied away from the social media arena while others have embraced it and swear it has created numerous opportunities for them to create brand awareness and communities of brand loyalists.

At this brand forum, we’ll explore both the opportunities and pitfalls in managing a brand through social media. Social media experts will share techniques for optimizing the power of social media to raise brand awareness and loyalty. And they’ll address the challenges of controlling brand messages in the social media world.

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Event Sponsors: Electronic Arts

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