Is Social Media A Fad? Or Is It The Biggest Shift Since The Industrial Revolution?

Posted on September 30, 2009

Reimagining The Future

Reimagining The Future

A challenge for most senior marketing professionals who cut their teeth any time before, say, last year has been to fully grasp the impact of social media on how they perform their job. The new many-to-many communications model forces everyone to re-imagine their tools, role, and strategies.

On September 23rd The Silicon Valley Brand Forum held an event on the impact of social media on branding. The morning opened with this viral video that uses powerful statistics and visuals to hammer home that this is not your dad’s Internet.

A guy I really respect, Rod Swanson, EA’s senior director of brand integration, was the one who suggested it. I think it was a powerful way to start the day and say, “The future is now. Wake up.”

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