Do You Unfollow When You Get Game/Quiz Spam in Your DM Inbox On Twitter? (Poll)

Posted on October 2, 2009

Twitter Game Spam

Twitter Game Spam

What Jonas brother are you? I got polio vaccine inventor Dr. Jonas E. Salk.

I just took the, “What rainbow color are you?” and got argyle.

Join my Low-Rider Ninja Militia Knitters and let’s do a drive-by. Click link here….

I soooooooooooo don’t care what test, quiz, or game someone has just played, but a lot of people apparently think that I do. Okay, they don’t really; they just don’t care about the spam I’m about to receive when they play.

Every time I get one of those DMs I literally see, “I’m an idiot and I just took this stupid quiz,” in my mind’s eye.

Friends and followers send me real messages through Twitter’s DM. This is not my favorite way to get important messages because they are mixed in with a lot of unimportant junk, e.g., game spam, and they often get lost in that deluge of spam. This frustrates me.

That is why I unfollow about a dozen people a day. It actually has helped reduce the spam, but I’m sure that some of the folks I unfollow are probably very nice, well-meaning people. I always feel a bit guilty when I do it, but that doesn’t stop me.

How do you feel? Cast your vote!

(As an aside, if you every @reply or DM and I don’t respond, please send it again. I try to respond to everyone…unless you’re crazy and asked me if I like chinchilla meat hamburgers.)