Top 10 Most Popular Social Media and Marketing Articles Tweeted in September 2009

Posted on October 4, 2009

Want To Be A Twitter Rockstar?

Want To Be A Twitter Rockstar?

In September 2009, items I tweeted were clicked on a little over 14,000 times.

It is always interesting to see what captures people’s attention. While the majority of what I tweet is around smart practices for social media marketing, I will tweet stuff I think is interesting or fun.

Often, those off-topic tweets are the ones that get passed around the most.

Is there a tweet that you really liked and is not on this list? Please leave a comment.

10.)  Want to be a Twitter rockstar?: Eight (Very) Smart Practices for Success on #Twitter #marketing #PR

9.)  How twenty popular websites looked when they launched – Telegraph

8.)  Ten People You Wont See on Twitter Anymore

7.)  Top Ten Kanye West Interruption Parodies

6.)  Why You Should be Worried About Twitter’s New Terms of Service

5.)  Kanye Wests Taylor Swift Outburst: VMAs YouTube Moment [Video]

4.)  How can you watch this and not break out laughing? – Katy Perry – Hot and Cold cover by a Ukraine band [This is one of my favorite videos. I force my poor, but tolerant, girlfriend to wake-up to this at least once a week.]

3.)  Five Social Media Disasters

2.)  Seventeen Invisible LinkedIn Tricks Revealed

1.)  September 11, 2001 As Seen From Space


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