Top 10 Most Popular Social Media and Marketing Articles Tweeted in November 2009

Posted on December 9, 2009

If I Had a Link, It Would Click Through To Pumpkin Pie

Top 10 Most Popular Social Media and Marketing Articles Tweeted in November 2009

In November people clicked on links I tweeted a little over 24,000 times according to the analytics in HootSuite.

Possibly because of the holidays November’s top links are somewhat self-referential. Over the holiday I retweeted several of my past blog posts. They appear on the list below and include last month’s top 10 tweets post.

Also, the Lazarus of tweeted links, and the bane of my existence, is “17 Invisible LinkedIn Tricks Revealed.” A link I tweeted in August. After appearing in the top 10 links for four months running, I’m convinced there is a cult in China that believes clicking on that link is a devotional act.

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Most Popular Articles

10.) Very Useful Scobleizer Twitter Lists: An Overview By Robert Scoble

9.) I Love Some Of These Ideas! 10 Ways Of Using Posterous At Work Or Home

8.) The Killed Windows 7 Family Guy Special Even More Horrible Than I Imagined – Family Guy

7.) The $2 Million Tweet: Crisis Communications In A Pizza Box

6.) Survey Says … PR Among Most Important Business Tools In 2010

5.) Top 10 Most Popular Social Media And Marketing Articles Tweeted In October 2009

4.) Michael Vick Unleashes Ethical Dog Fight For PR

3.) 7 Tips For Putting The Public Back In Public Relations

2.) Seventeen Invisible LinkedIn Tricks Revealed (Please, for the love of god, don’t click on this link)

1.) Too Many Biz Twitter Accounts Aren’t Following These Tips: 5 Ideas To Keep Brands Authentic & Transparent

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