Top 9 Must Read Social Media and Marketing Articles For March 2010

Posted on April 6, 2010

Some Social Media Topics Need To Die

Top 9 Must Read Social Media and Marketing Articles For March 2010

By Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology)

Are you the busy CMO of your company? Regardless of whether that is your title or just your job, here are the top 9 must read social media and marketing articles from March 2010 which the crowds in the Twitterverse found most valuable. I trust them, and these are great articles from a number of my favorite bloggers.

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9) Eleven Free Tools For Social Media Optimization

8) Twenty Free Social Media Monitoring Tools To Find Your Brand’s Social Mentions

7) What You Must Know About The Facebook Promotional Guidelines

6) Ten Steps To Create The Ultimate Facebook Fan Page For Your Brand

5) Nine Social Media Topics That Need To Die

4) The 7 Harsh Realities Of Social Media For Any Brand

3) Top Five Ways To Market Your Business With LinkedIn

2) Thirty Things You Should Not Share On Social Media

1.) Six Questions To Ask Before Launching A Facebook Fan Page

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