Top 10 Must Read Social Media and Marketing Articles For April 2010

Posted on May 1, 2010

When Nothing is Certain, Anything is Possible.

Top 10 Must Read Social Media and Marketing Articles For April 2010

By Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology)

Are you the busy CMO of your company? Regardless of whether that is your title or just your job, here are the top 10 must read social media and marketing articles from April 2010 that the crowds in the Twitterverse found most valuable, and that I thought you might want to read, too. If you want to get these articles sent to you every month then Subscribe Now.

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10.) Five Big Shifts in Social Media Marketing

9.) Twelve Tips to Engage People on Twitter

8.) Nineteen Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Blog

7.) Twitter Launches Twitter Media Guide for Journalists

6.) Why You Probably Don’t Need A Social Media Department

5.) New Rules of Marketing and PR Revisited (Comments and Review)

4.) Twitter Lists for Journalism and PR

3.) How To Find Twitterers Talking About Your Profession, Company, Or Product

2.) Thirty Three Blogs To Make You Social Media And Marketing Guru

1.) Twitter User Statistics REVEALED

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