How to Prove to Your Boss You Need Social Media. Interview with David Meerman Scott

Posted on May 7, 2010

Building The Social Media Case To The Big Boss

How to Prove to Your Boss You Need Social Media. Interview with David Meerman Scott

In this podcast Steve Farnsworth talks with noted new media marketing thought leader David Meerman Scott about educating senior executives about the new communications model and why it’s important to your company if you want to stay a market leader.

Audio Highlights

  • How do you help the C-level understand the significance that social media represents in the marketing mix and why your company needs to get serious? Ask them the same questions David has asked other skeptics hundreds of times around the world. (Begins 00:25)
  • How to build a case for adopting radically different communications strategies that work when executives are stuck on old world strategies that no longer work effectively. (Begins 03:42)
  • Total Run Time 09:23

Play Interview Here

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The questions David Meerman Scott asks audiences around the world about how they research products and services and how they solve problems. The answers prove that The New Rules of Marketing & PR apply the world over. Video link.

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