Top 11 Must Read Social Media and Marketing Articles for 2009

Posted on May 25, 2010

Sometimes You Are the Social Media. Sometimes the Social Media is You.

Top 11 Must Read Social Media and Marketing Articles for 2009

By Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology)

I’m not a procrastinator per se, but I could have been a bit more proactive with this post. You know how every once in awhile in the news you see that someone receives a letter that was mailed decades ago? Postmarked “Oct 13th, 1928” or whatever. We all know that the letter just fell behind an old sorting machine or fell in to a crack. No one’s fault, just a conspiracy of circumstances. Let’s just think of this post the same way. Okay?

I love these articles. The writers of these blog posts brought their A-game. These articles are the ones that the @Steveology Twittersphere also found most valuable in 2009 based on popularity of retweets and click through. They are not listed in order of popularity. They were all selected for being the best links of the thousands I tweeted in 2009.

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