Top 5 Social Media Posts From Last Week — August 16, 2010

Posted on August 15, 2010

Collecting The Best Social Media Posts From Last The Week

Top 5 Social Media Posts From Last Week — August 16, 2010

Editor: Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology)

5). Six Core Tactics For Social Media Managers

In the rush to get ahead we often forget that playing catch-up to the competition will never lead to true success. There’s also a school of thought that explains the fast paced evolution of social and the wider digital sphere. [Read Here]

4). Why Most Bloggers Are In The Wrong Business

Are you a steely-eyed content marketing purist? Do you religiously pound out your 1,000 words come rain or shine? In your heart, do you believe that soon you will be discovered and your dedication will be rewarded? [Read Here]

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3). What Blog Readers Really Want – The Results

The ideal blog architecture revealed? I’ve been running a survey on my blog this week, attempting to get a clearer picture of what people want from it going forward. [Read Here]

2). Ultimate Guide To Facebook Pages

So we’ve gathered some additional and updated resources that will help you make your organization’s Facebook page more effective — whether you’re just building one or whether you’ve already got one that you’d like to improve.  We have several sections including – Setting Up Your Page, Enhancing Your Page, Case Studies and Best Practices, Engaging and Building Your Fan Base, B2B Facebook Pages and Facebook Metrics. [Read Here]

1). Study Finds Online Popularity Doesn’t Translate Into Influence

Over the past year I’ve been following the work of Dr. Bernardo Huberman, director of HP Labs’ Social Computing Lab, and his team. HP has been applying rigorous scientific practices to the study of social media and it has a gold mine of research open to the public. [Read Here]

***). Where Does Blogging Fit In To Corporate Marketing And Communications Mix?

Blogging enables a company to put action behind the “face,” engaging with target stakeholders as well a showing your heart, soul and smarts (needed a synonym for “heart” that starts with a “s” to complete the alliteration trifecta). [Read Here]

(NOTE: This post actually scored in the #3 spot, but I bumped it to make room for another great article from last the week.)



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