Top 5 Social Media Posts That You Might Have Missed Last Week: October 18, 2010 Edition

Posted on October 19, 2010

Staying Ahead Of The Social Media Learning Curve Made Easy

Top 5 Social Media Posts That You Might Have Missed Last Week: October 18, 2010 Edition

Editor Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology)

These posts were selected based on their popularity of views and retweets, and informational value according to the whim and whimsy of the editor, from content that was tweeted on @Steveology last week. However, their ranking is the result of the number of click-throughs they received.

5). How To Integrate Video Into Your Social Media Marketing

Video is hot! It adds a whole new dimension to your marketing. Are you looking to use video with your social media efforts, but feel a bit stuck?

In this episode of Social Media Examiner TV, Mari Smith shares important tips, creative ideas and what you need to know to integrate video into your social media marketing. Also be sure to catch her ninja marketing tip at the end of the video. [Read It Here]

4). Ten Commandments Of Social Media

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to social media. People seem to think that every day standards and decency get tossed out the window because of the anonymity of the Internet. Unfortunately for those people, that’s not always the case. First off, the Internet is getting smaller, and by that, I mean that it’s getting easier to find out who people are. You know how the saying goes “It’s a small world.” That reigns true for the Internet, especially social media sites, as well. Everyone is connected one way or another. There’s a whole “Six Degrees of Separation” thing going on.

There are Ten Commandments of Social Media that you should always try to follow. They will not only make you a better person but they will make your followers that much more appreciative of what you have to say.

* Thou Shalt Not Be a Narcissist

Social media is not all about you. It’s about people. It’s about being social, hence the name. Take the time to engage others in conversation. Don’t simply sign on and post something about yourself and leave. [Read It Here]

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3). Too Many Social Media Numbers Are Completely Useless

And you and I will prove this together. As soon as I publish this post, I am going to tweet out the link to my 22,000 followers on Twitter. When that happens, I’ll see what the SiteMeter says the traffic looks like for today. This will give a good idea of how many of the 22,000 people following me on Twitter are REALLY following me and what level of engagement I have with those 22,000 people.

I can tell you right now that at best probably 1 or 2 percent of those people will click that link I tweet out.  Think about that, of the 22,000 people following me, only 1 or 2 percent are likely to click on a link I share.  And honestly, that’s pretty good.

So that means that well over 90% of the people following me aren’t clicking on links I share. So is it more accurate to say that 22,000 people are following me, or is it actually more like a few hundred? [Read It Here]

2). Ten Cool Facebook Status Tips And Tricks

With Facebook’s ever-changing layout, and the fact that other social sites are encroaching on its real-time update strangle-hold, it’s easy to forget that there are some pretty nifty tricks you can pull using your humble Facebook status. We’ve pulled together 10 great how-to tips that will help you get the most out of your status update, from official features to apps, Easter eggs, jokes and more.

Perfect for newer Facebook (Facebook) users, or anyone who is looking for a refresher, read on and let us know the ones you like in the comments below.

* HOW TO: Add a Dislike Option to Your Status Update

“Like” buttons are everywhere on Facebook, and they’re everywhere on the web. But what if you want to update your status or share something that your friends can “dislike?” We know, your friends can choose to “comment” on your post, but where’s the fun in that? [Read It Here]

1). What Is The Biggest Mistake Companies Make With Their Social Media Strategy?

The problem with most companies is they have implemented a tools-based strategy, and as everyone knows, say it with me class, “That is not a strategy at all!” That’s like showing up to the construction site with only a few 2 x 4s, a hand full of nails, and a hammer. Where are your blueprints? Are you going to build an outhouse or The Taj Mahal? I guess when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail. That must be why most companies’ social media “strategy” looks like an outhouse…Ba-dum-bum. I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress….

PR = Press Release

Anyway… From my time in public relations this ignorance was a constant educational battle. Less enlightened clients often saw PR as press releases and news clippings. By seeing only tools you miss what it can really build. [Read It Here]