Top 5 Social Media Posts That You Might Have Missed Last Week November 15, 2010 Edition

Posted on November 15, 2010

Staying Ahead Of The Social Media Learning Curve Made Easy

Top 5 Social Media Posts That You Might Have Missed Last Week

November 15, 2010 Edition

Editor Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology)

These posts were selected based on their popularity of views and retweets, and informational value according to the whim and whimsy of the editor, from content that was tweeted on @Steveology last week. However, their ranking is the result of the number of click-throughs they received.

5.) Ten Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media is a wonderful tool for marketing your business or product but, like any tool, it can be used incorrectly or ineffectively. Listed below are the top 10 most common social media marketing mistakes. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can make your business marketing much more effective in the social media landscape.

* Spreading Yourself Too Thin.

Each social media outlet has thousands of users, encounters hundreds of post and updates, and may even offer games and applications. It is virtually impossible to follow every major social media outlet effectively. It is far more productive to select one major social media outlet (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) and follow it closely by posting regular status updates, pictures, customer testimonials, etc.

* Not Hiring Social Media Experts.

Social media has the reputation of being the domain of bloggers, teenagers, and entrepreneurs. However, putting an intern or untrained employee in charge of social media marketing for your business is bound to end in disaster. [Read The Complete Post Here]

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4.) The Ten Next Social Media Trends

Social media still dominates headlines as the new direction for business marketing, but it seems many businesses are resisting the call. A recent survey by Optus found that only 28% of small businesses used social media to promote their business, while 56% had no near-term plans to start.

It’s an understandable response. Just as they begin to understand the concepts of social media marketing, something new comes along and changes everything. Businesses that have barely come to grips with blogging and Facebook must also now contend with Twitter, Foursquare and a host of other new technologies and services.

According to Optus’ marketing director for small and medium business, Phil Offer, the main reason small business owners gave for not getting into social media was that it was a fad. Second was that it would somehow negatively hurt their brand by giving a voice to detractors, while the third reason was that they were simply too busy. [Read The Complete Post Here]

3.) How To Write A Social Marketing Plan

Lots of smart people have tackled this question. THIS WILL BE DULL AND REPETITIVE FOR ADVANCED USERS, but I’ve been asked about it twice in the last 48 hours, so here are my thoughts in as succinct a form as possible.

* Define Your Business Objectives

This has been well covered to the point of cliché, but start by figuring out what, exactly, you want to accomplish.

* Choose Your Target Audience

Next figure out who you need to be talking to in order to achieve those objectives. Get someone specific in your mind, a real person as opposed to just a demographic segment. [Read The Complete Post Here]

2.) Five Items to Delete From Your Blog NOW

The Internet is creating “marketing junk”. On the web, we essentially have “unlimited” space. If a business wants to add an extra paragraph or picture on their website, they don’t run out of space. Instead, they make the page longer. While in traditional media duration and length impact the deliverability of a message, such limitations don’t exist on the Web. Unfortunately, for some businesses the Internet has become a landfill of clutter and confusion.

As a business owner or marketer, you might have unknowingly turned your blog into an online landfill. From the sidebar to the navigation, too many blogs get cluttered with extras that confuse visitors and stop them from sharing your content or converting from a visitor to lead. Take a few minutes today and delete any of the items that might be diluting your blog’s awesomeness.

* Extra Sharing Buttons – Do you know how people share your blog content on the web? Gain a clear understanding of the major traffic drivers to your blog using web analytics and looking at traffic from social media channels and email. It is likely that you are using too many sharing buttons. If most of your traffic comes from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, then you probably don’t need the other half a dozen sharing options that currently exist on your blog. Tests conducted on this blog proved that reducing the available sharing options increase sharing and referral traffic from existing social media referrers. [Read The Complete Post Here]

1.) Why Most Press Releases Suck And Are A Waste Of Time

I have no good reason why, but I recently found myself reading press releases.  I surfed a dozen or so websites, reading press releases of all sorts, from all sorts of companies.

They suck – press releases that is, not the companies.

Here’s what’s wrong.

Press releases overwhelmingly are about the company, not the customer.  Document after document I read continued the story of what we have done, what we will do, how great we are.  I found only a couple out of dozens that were focused on the customer. [Read The Complete Post Here]