Top 10 Social Media Articles That You Might Have Missed Last Month November 2010 Edition

Posted on December 5, 2010

Fall Of Social Media?

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Top 10 Social Media Articles That You Might Have Missed Last Month: November 2010 Edition

Need to keep your executive staff up to date on the latest social media trends and insight? Let me and about 40,000 others help you.

Here are the top 10 must read social media and marketing articles from November 2010 that the crowds in the Twitterverse found most valuable, and that I thought you might want to read and share with your colleagues, who need to stay update on social media, too.

Editor: Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology)

10). Five Social Media Trends For 2011

Where is social media headed? What is important to learn about now so that we feel like we’re “in the know” six months down the road?  Although everyone and their uncle is doing or will be doing 2011 prognostication pieces, I’m jumping into the fray and offering my own predictions and a bit of analysis on where we’re headed as we close out the final six weeks of 2010.

Consumer Content Curation

“Are we in the stream?”  That’s the #1 question that brand managers should be asking about their social media efforts going into 2011, because in the coming year people are going to be much more diligent about curating their own content into a more manageable form.  Consumers are realizing that following eleventy-hundred brands on Twitter and Facebook is getting them some good coupons and deals, but it’s also turning their walls into malls, which is getting overwhelming. [READ THE COMPLETE POST HERE]

9). Four Ways to Master Social Media Marketing

Real-world examples of employing the best tactics to engage, enthrall, and expand your customer base online (without looking like a jerk).

More than one in six marriages over the past three years were the result of relationships begun online, a recent study on social media and dating behavior found. When so many people are turning to the Internet to find soul mates, you can rest assured they are looking online for everything else – from their next pair of Oakleys to a new optometrist – and if you are a business seeking customers, you are well-advised to look online, too. You’ve heard it before: Social media is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.

Nielsen recently published a study stating that 79 percent of large corporations are leveraging social media to engage their audience, and they are using innovative ways to build buzz, establish relationships, foster communication, improve products, and cultivate long-term brand awareness and consumer trust.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned producer of award-winning viral campaigns or are just learning how to create a Facebook profile. The beauty of social media is that you don’t need experience; you only need to learn a few basic rules. Social media is not so much a new idea as it is a way to communicate ideas, and the nature of a good idea hasn’t changed. The same marketing principles from 50 years ago apply today; they are simply communicated in a different way. [READ THE COMPLETE POST HERE]

8). Ten Cool Facebook Status Tips And Tricks

With Facebook’s ever-changing layout, and the fact that other social sites are encroaching on its real-time update strangle-hold, it’s easy to forget that there are some pretty nifty tricks you can pull using your humble Facebook status. We’ve pulled together 10 great how-to tips that will help you get the most out of your status update, from official features to apps, Easter eggs, jokes and more.

Perfect for newer Facebook (Facebook) users, or anyone who is looking for a refresher, read on and let us know the ones you like in the comments below.

* HOW TO: Add a Dislike Option to Your Status Update

“Like” buttons are everywhere on Facebook, and they’re everywhere on the web. But what if you want to update your status or share something that your friends can “dislike?” We know, your friends can choose to “comment” on your post, but where’s the fun in that? [READ THE COMPLETE POST HERE]

7). Three Huge Mistakes Companies Make In Social-Media

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Companies love to plan.  They love to present plans.  They plan on how to plan. The web is a confusing place. Plan what you can.

Yet, for some reason many companies have no real plan for social media.  They continue to open social media channels with no real goals attached to them.  No long-term plans for creating content for those channels.  They are lost when people react to the content they put up – and many times are too timid or frightened to really engage with those people.

Even worse, many companies don’t even know what social media success looks like. Here are three big blunders companies make with social media:

No consistent plan for creating digital and social content

You can’t wing social media. Social media isn’t a campaign either.  Companies should not be pumping out content only during product launches or at events.  Content needs to be consistent and happen on a daily – or near daily basis.  This is a reality that often sneaks up on companies.  Because providing a consistent level of content creation is a grind.

It might seem easy to tweet 140 characters every day or to update status on Facebook.  But it isn’t.  It takes planning.  It takes time and resources.  It takes integration with communications and marketing. [READ THE COMPLETE POST HERE]

6). Calling Bullshit On Social Media

* There are tools. There are people who use the tools. And then there are people who are tools. Know the difference. [Editor’s Note: This is my personal fav! -SF]

* Ass-kissing will get you anywhere, but where is that, exactly? Where do you actually want to go from there? Think long-term.

* Speaking of long-term, “asshole” is not a long-term strategy. Neither is “edgy” or “off-putting.” What do you really want to achieve? And for how long? Build a strategy on that.

* The vast majority of what happens in social media happens where you can’t see it. Don’t be fooled by what you think you see — it’s only a shadow of what’s really there. Pay attention to what, and who, is missing from the conversations.

* Also, remember that what you think is private isn’t guaranteed to be. As Hugh Prather once said, “Live as if everything you do will eventually be known.” (Because it likely will be, and soon.)

* For all the stories and panels and lovefests about how social media is, well, a lovefest, I suspect that just as many relationships (personal and professional) have been broken by social media as made. Would you be comfortable with that DM being public? If not, don’t write it. There are other forms of communication, you know (but only marginally more secure). And if you’re not comfortable with what you’re doing being made public? Yeah, don’t do it.

* Everyone is in this for themselves at some level. Some people do that by taking others down. Some people do it by building people up. Some people act like they’re building people up, when really, they’re just assigning you a debt you’re not aware of, and expect you to repay. Understand intent – yours and theirs.

* A lot of this is just a game. The rules aren’t very hard to learn. But there is more than one set of rules. Do you know which set you follow? Do you know which set they do?

* Your rules aren’t my rules. They’re different. That doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Back off. There are multiple lanes on this road.

* Saying one thing and doing another? Also not a long-term strategy. Much better to walk your talk. Easier, too.

* To quote a very good friend, “The Internet will not fix whatever happened in high school.” So move on. If there’s something about you, or about the way people interact with you, that you don’t like, change it. Complaint is tantamount to complacency. DO something. [READ THE COMPLETE POST HERE]

5.) Five Items To Delete From Your Blog NOW

The Internet is creating “marketing junk”. On the web, we essentially have “unlimited” space. If a business wants to add an extra paragraph or picture on their website, they don’t run out of space. Instead, they make the page longer. While in traditional media duration and length impact the deliverability of a message, such limitations don’t exist on the Web. Unfortunately, for some businesses the Internet has become a landfill of clutter and confusion.

As a business owner or marketer, you might have unknowingly turned your blog into an online landfill. From the sidebar to the navigation, too many blogs get cluttered with extras that confuse visitors and stop them from sharing your content or converting from a visitor to lead. Take a few minutes today and delete any of the items that might be diluting your blog’s awesomeness.

* Extra Sharing Buttons – Do you know how people share your blog content on the web? Gain a clear understanding of the major traffic drivers to your blog using web analytics and looking at traffic from social media channels and email. It is likely that you are using too many sharing buttons. If most of your traffic comes from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, then you probably don’t need the other half a dozen sharing options that currently exist on your blog. Tests conducted on this blog proved that reducing the available sharing options increase sharing and referral traffic from existing social media referrers. [READ THE COMPLETE POST HERE]

4.) Why Most Press Releases Suck And Are A Waste Of Time

I have no good reason why, but I recently found myself reading press releases.  I surfed a dozen or so websites, reading press releases of all sorts, from all sorts of companies.

They suck – press releases that is, not the companies.

Here’s what’s wrong.

Press releases overwhelmingly are about the company, not the customer.  Document after document I read continued the story of what we have done, what we will do, how great we are.  I found only a couple out of dozens that were focused on the customer. [Read The Complete Post Here]

3.) How To Write A Social Marketing Plan

Lots of smart people have tackled this question. THIS WILL BE DULL AND REPETITIVE FOR ADVANCED USERS, but I’ve been asked about it twice in the last 48 hours, so here are my thoughts in as succinct a form as possible.

* Define Your Business Objectives

This has been well covered to the point of cliché, but start by figuring out what, exactly, you want to accomplish.

* Choose Your Target Audience

Next figure out who you need to be talking to in order to achieve those objectives. Get someone specific in your mind, a real person as opposed to just a demographic segment. [READ THE COMPLETE POST HERE]

2). Breathtaking Facebook Fan Pages

Love it or hate it, Facebook is one great social network for individuals and businesses alike. With more active members (recently reaching 500 million) than the population of some countries, it’s easily one of the best places for marketers and fans. If you have or manage a Facebook fan page, one of your biggest challenges is probably maintaining user engagement.

It’s not that hard to get people to click “Like,” but it can be very difficult to get people to come back, and even more difficult to get people to participate.

Facebook get a huge popularity by introducing custom fan page. This showcase features 520px pages only. In other words we’ll soon see lots of fresh cool Facebook pages designed in accordance to the new width requirement. Not sure why did Facebook reduce the width that much, but 520px is still enough to create a good-looking Facebook landing page. Some of these pages were designed thin long ago and were just waiting for a change, while some were updated just recently. Custom Facebook page is now an absolute must have for a business owner. In case you still don’t have one – a good place to start is premium Facebook templates that are probably the cheapest way to launch a page.

There are a lot of great Facebook fan pages available to help you improve the user experience, Let me share the most interesting and business oriented pages. [READ THE COMPLETE POST HERE]

1). Fascinating Social Media Facts Of 2010

Social media is not just a social instrument of communication. It is not all about people sharing ideas and thoughts with other people. It is the creation and exchange of ‘User Generated Content’. The ability to transform broadcast media monologues into a social media dialogues that spread, sometimes, faster and wider than television, radio or print. Social Media when compared to year 2009 shows a fantastic growth in terms of people participation, penetration, user-ability, business and more.

Now, we are almost at the end of year 2010, and therefore it is time to study and understand some of the Social Media facts and trends that were evolved and followed over the year. Scouting through the web has brought together the following list of Fascinating Social Media Facts. Most of these facts are based on surveys (online or offline) over a sample size, these are also mentioned to ensure that we get the perspective of each of these facts.

General Facts

* Australia has the most number of established users of social media in the world, followed by USA and UK.

* In terms of the impact of social networks on advertising, word of mouth is the popular option with 78% of customers trust peer recommendations on sites. While, only 14% trust advertisements. [READ THE COMPLETE POST HERE]


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