Top 5 Social Media Posts That You Might Have Missed Last Week December 6, 2010 Edition

Posted on December 7, 2010

Staying Ahead Of The Social Media Learning Curve Made Easy

Top 5 Social Media Posts That You Might Have Missed Last Week

December 6, 2010 Edition

Editor Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology)

5). Why You Should Use The Traditional Retweet Instead Of The RT Button

Ironically, the most important feature on Twitter is one that Twitter itself did not develop, and has never adopted: the traditional retweet.

It was developed by the customers, on their own, and not by the company. And amazingly, to this date Twitter itself has never incorporated it, although doing so would be as easy as pie.

My advice to all Twitter users is that you should not use what Twitter calls a “retweet”. It is a counterfeit, and does not have any of the key properties of a retweet. Just skip it.

The true, traditional “retweet” is the life blood of Twitter, and what has set it apart from other similar “microblogging” services.

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4). Five Quick Fixes To Get Your Website Found

The same question has been asked repeatedly on our website optimization webinars. Customers submit their websites and we have a panel of experts that review three sites per week.

The burning question that all of our listeners ask is “what are the key things I can do right now to improve my Website Grader score?” These customers have used You don’t need to use this tool, but you should be looking to make sure these best practices are in place on your site.

* Register your domain name for greater than 3 years. It is cost effective and is looked favorably upon by the search engines to see that you are confident that your business is going to be around for a number of years. You will instantly receive search engine optimization credit for increasing the time to expire date. You can contact your hosting provider and for less than $30 extend your site out a couple of years.

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3). Ten Rules Of Social Media

Marketers struggling with their social media strategy may be having trouble because they haven’t yet grasped how to move from being a faceless corporation to a “friend.” Unlike the approaches of the past, these new “rules of engagement” for social media mean marketers need to adjust the way they approach consumers. Because they have not fully explored how to go about changing their approach, some companies are paralyzed between doing nothing at all and doing only the bare minimum and thinking they’re done. Here are the 10 rules of social media courtesy of Millward Brown.

* Don’t recreate your home page in social media: don’t rehash the same information people can get elsewhere.

* Listen first, then talk: create a dialogue 3. Build trust by being open and honest: transparency is key.

* Give your brand a face: give consumers someone or something accountable for the brand.

* Offer something of value: give without wanting something in return.

* Be relevant: don’t be invasive without purpose.

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2). Monitor Your Social Media In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day

Social networking is very essential for today’s online business world. If you want to get success through your online blog it is essential that you get some social media help so that you can grow faster and get better profits. Online blog needs various marketing methods to get converted into big business. Here are some social media tools that you can use to monitor your social media and the profits you are earning through it.

Google Analytics

This is one of the best monitoring tools for online blog. You can use it to monitor how much traffic you are getting to your blogs and blog pages. This also tells you about the metrics of your brand page on facebook.

Considering Google analytics is a must for all. This gives you complete information about traffic to your online blog. You can also track social networks and the traffic coming from different sources. Also you get some information about search engine ranking.

Tracking all the information about your traffic and growth is helpful in knowing what progress you are getting in search engine ranking. is a perfect service that tracks your links and can effectively help you in retrieving the knowledge about traffic from various sources like social networks and others.

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1). Top Ten Communication Tips Of 2010

Communication is at the core of all of our relationships, both business and personal. As the year (and decade!) winds down, let’s take a look back at 10 defining moments in communication. You’ll recognize some because they made news. But I believe you’ll relate to all of these tips and lessons.

* Your attention is a hot commodity. Back in the dark ages of 1971, Nobel Prize winning economist Herbert Simon wrote: “What information consumes is rather obvious. It consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”

Did Simon have a crystal ball? How did he know the attention tsunami was coming? In ’71, there was no Google, information superhighway, or text messages. Guard your time, attention, and mind carefully.

* The word “I” doesn’t have to be self-serving and arrogant. Art Petty, who runs a management and leadership-consulting firm, says we can use the word “I” for empowerment, active listening, and accountability. “I am responsible for this outcome.” “Here’s what I understand about your opinion on this matter. Am I correct?” ”I could use your help.”

* Understand the emotions of communication in marketing. Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why writes about “The Golden Circle” and how most companies and people try to sell their ideas based on their product or service. Then they talk about how it will work. But the most successful are those who are able to connect with the public on an intimate level. These folks begin at the center of the circle. That’s where the why resides. The why creeps into the core of a lifestyle, emotion, and belief that people latch on to. The what and how come later.

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These posts were selected based on their popularity of views and retweets, and informational value according to the general disposition and whimsy of the editor, from content that was tweeted on @Steveology last week. However, their ranking is the result of the number of click-throughs they received.


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