Using Social Media Listening To Sells More Product

Posted on December 11, 2010

Inbound Lead Generation?

Using Social Media Listening To Sells More Product

Interview with Howard Sewell: Lead Generation and Social Media Series Part 2

Host Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology)

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In this interview with Howard Sewell answers these questions:

  • What is the role of social media listening to help create content that sells more product?

  • In today’s digital environment, how have effective lead generation techniques changed?

  • Can you use an inbound marketing strategy for niche customer markets?

  • What are the steps to creating an inbound marketing strategy for lead generation?

Listen To The Interview Here (8:57)

About My Guest Howard J. Sewell @HJSewell

Howard is president of Spear Marketing Group and a B2B marketing veteran with more than two decades’ experience in direct marketing, demand generation, and lead management. He has advised Fortune 50 companies on lead generation including Google and Oracle. You can read his blog The Point, or raid, I mean read, his articles and white papers on attracting and nurturing sales leads, increasing Webinar registration, choosing the right offer, promoting white papers and other content, and more here.