Are News Releases Dead? Or Do PR Pros Need To Reinvent Them?

Posted on May 26, 2011

Are News Releases Dead? Or Do PR Pros Need To Reinvent Them?

By Steve Farnsworth @Steveology

The dirty public relations secret is that no one reads press releases except the people who write them. Why do we really bother to keep churning them out? Usually because they are written for the bosses who take the already horrible copy and make it worse.

Maybe it’s is time to stop writing them all together. However, could the real solution be to reimagine what they could be, and break out of the box (coffin) they are in now? What would that look like? What would bring life into a lifeless tool? Junko Yoshida gives us her take.

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Junko Yoshida is Editor-in-Chief of industry stalwart EE Times and She is a noted technology journalist, and is now widely respected for her leadership and growth of the EE Times news organization at a time when most publications have been unable to survive.