How To Get A Truckload Of Blog Posts From People Who Hate To Blog

Posted on July 7, 2011

How To Get A Truckload Of Blog Posts From People Who Hate To Blog

By Steve Farnsworth @Steveology

Do you have lots of great people who could give you hours of great content for the company blog, but give you a long list of reasons why they can’t put pen to paper, digitally speaking?

Applied Materials has a company full of PhDs who can’t have a conversation without a whiteboard. These smart guys and gals have boat loads of patents between them, but trying to get them to write a blog post is a fool’s errand.

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Matt is no fool, but he needs great content, and a lot of it for his corporate communications and blogging programs. So, he uses a very clever yet simple solution to generate as much thought leadership content as he can manage. He shares his tip here.

Watch the video here

This video was shot at the 2011 B2B Social Communication Leadership Forum in Silicon Valley, an event presented by PR Newswire and Business Development Institute.

Matt Ceniceros
Director, Global Media Relations
Applied Materials
Disclosure: My ticket was provide without charge by PR Newswire and the Business Development Institute.