The Key To Starting A Successful Blogger Outreach Program

Posted on August 18, 2011

The Key To Starting A Successful Blogger Outreach Program

Gini Dietrich is one of the best communications pros I know. I had the pleasure of meeting Gini via social media a few years ago, and I’ve been continually impressed with the great communications and social media insights she regularly shares on her award winning blog. You can subscribe here.

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I initially got involved with social media to connect with like minded communication professionals, and share insight about the quickly changing nature of our profession. Gini is hands down one of the most generous with her time, friendship, and sage counsel I have met in that journey.

However, here is the funny thing. It wasn’t until this year when she was speaking at the Vocus User Conference I had a chance to meet her in person. It is no surprise to everyone she meets in real life that she is as cool as she is smart.

She was presenting on Blogger Relations – Why and How to Get Started. A perfect topic for her since she knows the issue from both sides. I asked her what was an important takeaway from her talk. Here is what she shared.

Watch The Video Here

This video was shot at the 2011 Vocus User Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland.


Gini Dietrich
Chief Executive Officer, Arment Dietrich
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Disclosure: I was a guest of Vocus at the Vocus User Conference 2011. They covered all my travel expanses and the costs of attending the conference.