Creating A Powerful Integrated Social Media And Communications Strategy

Posted on September 3, 2011

Creating A Powerful Integrated Social Media And Communications Strategy

When I was at the Vocus User Conference I had the privilege of hanging out with Adam Singer (@AdamSinger). We had dinner with the always delightful Gini Dietrich and Valeria Maltoni. While we are both San Francisco Bay Area guys I had only bumped into him a few times before at social media get togethers. At the conference I had the opportunity to get to know him better, and he is a smart guy.

At the Vocus conference he was presenting on Embracing Owned Media – Why PR Must Shift From Push to Pull. I have to be honest, I agree with what he has to say on the changing direction of communications. So, I might be biased, as we usually are when we share the same opinion with someone, but I bet I’d think the same thing even if we didn’t agree.

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Adam writes for the noted blog The Future Buzz. I read his work regularly these days and I recommend you do too. (Link below.)

In this video Adam lays out a very strong strategic approach to your social channels and how they should tie into your owned channels. Play this video as many times as you need to fully hear what he is saying, and take notes. He shares a lot of great advice in this short clip. Again, I think, he is spot on!

Watch The Video Here

This video was shot at the 2011 Vocus User Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland.


Adam Singer
Director, Social Media Practice
Lewis PR
Chief Blogger at The Future Buzz.

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Disclosure: I was a guest of Vocus at the Vocus User Conference 2011. They covered all my travel expanses and the costs of attending the conference.