What is the Godfather of Electronic Gaming’s Favorite Game?

Posted on May 7, 2012

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What Is Nolan Bushnell’s Favorite Game?

The legendary Silicon Valley communications firm Eastwick  held a private viewing of the film “Something Ventured”. This outstanding documentary takes a look at the real people who funded innovation there since the 50s.

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At the Eastwick event I was honored to meet Valley pioneer Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell is the inventor of Pong, founder of Atari, and the godfather of electronic gaming. I gave him many quarters in my youth!

I asked Mr. Bushnell a question he gets a lot, the answer I already knew. However, I wanted him to talk about why. Here is what he had to share.


Watch The Video Here


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Nolan Bushnell
Serial Entrepreneur & Godfather of Electronic Gaming
Founded Atari, Chuck E. Cheese, Etak, ByVideo, Axlon, and uWink

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