Believe in Ghosts: Blogging Made Easy for Busy Executives

Posted on October 30, 2012

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Good Blogging Is Good Marketing.

Just about everyone agrees. And we see the evidence every day—the best blogs inform and inspire readers, increase site usage, build strong personal brands for the bloggers, and greatly advance the interests of the organizations they work for.

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That’s why executives and managers are asking more of their best and brightest employees to write regular blogs. They want these talented professionals to share their special knowledge, perspectives, and insights and, in the process, help their organizations shine online. In fact, more employers have made blogging mandatory. And many have put annual—and even quarterly—blogging goals in employee performance evaluations.

Employer-Mandated Blogging Isn’t Good

In turn, this intriguing new reality has created two really intriguing problems. First, more of an organization’s most valuable players are spending more time blogging and less time doing the work they love and excel at. Second, much of this employer-mandated blogging just isn’t very good. It’s not because these bloggers aren’t good employees. Far from it. It’s usually that they don’t have the time, training, or desire to churn out timely, riveting blogs every week or two. And, more often than not, “ineffective blog” directly translates into “wasted effort.”


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An excellent solution is to go with a ghost—yes, a ghostwriter or, more precisely, a “ghost blogger” with the talent, expertise, and ongoing commitment to make sure that the blogs you post make the impact you want.

A Good Ghost Can

  • Free your employee-experts to spend more time doing what they do best
  • Help identify engaging topic choices
  • Employ Web writing best practices to assure that blogs are clear, captivating, and commanding
  • Adopt the expert’s personal style
  • Channel the expert’s genuine passion for the subject

The working process is simple. Share your ideas with the ghost. Look over the draft the ghost delivers to you. Make whatever changes you like. And you’re done. If you and the ghost get along and decide to work together regularly, you can collaborate on two or three blogs at a time, making the job even easier on yourself.

Working with a good ghost can be a good deal for all involved. And, as the Web’s appetite for content continues to grow, more busy professionals, I think, will come to believe both in ghosts and—most important—in their value.

About The Author

David Meuel is an independent corporate and marketing writer for more than 25 years, who I have worked with in the past. David is a gifted writer and has worked for more than 100 different companies and organizations, including eBay, Cisco, Apple, Visa, and Intel. In addition, David has co-authored the business book, Building Strategic Relationships, and has published two award-winning volumes of poetry I highly recommend and hundreds of freelance articles on subjects from business writing to classic films. You can learn more about him at And you can contact him at: