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Posted on February 21, 2013

Steveology Blog Guest Post

Historically, guest posts were limited to invitation only because of my editorial focus. However, being inundated with offers, and getting tired of saying no all the time, I have decided to reevaluate this policy. I am now accepting guest posts from adept, agile, alert, apt, astute, bold, brainy, bright, brilliant, clever, crafty, effective, genius, ingenious, keen, knowing, nimble, on the ball, quick-witted, resourceful, sassy, sharp, shrewd, and wise authors in marketing. Is that you?

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★ The Steveology Blog Now Accepting Guest Posts

My blog has a more narrowly defined editorial mission than it did when I started it. It now focuses on digital marketing for senior marketers, VPs of Marketing, and CMOs of mid-sized to small enterprise companies, e.g., less tactical or basic 101, and more practical for these forward thinking smart marketers.

I am very open to any topic/post ideas as long as they are written for senior marketers, and the post gives them a deeper understanding of how to do their jobs better. No offense, but if you are not sure what would be of interest to these professionals, this blog is probably not a fit for your work.

However, just to nudge you in the right direction, a very small sampling of interesting topics might include:

  • agile marketing
  • sales and marketing alignment
  • marketing operations
  • building the marketing organization of the future
  • inbound marketing
  • brand ideals as growth driver
  • social business
  • big data and marketing
  • the secret formula for driving engagement
  • storytelling to increase brand preference
  • digital effectiveness
  • leveraging social data to create more powerful content
  • driving marketing effectiveness through business intelligence

…you get the idea.

If you think you have an awesome idea that senior marketers would love, and can live with rejection if I feel it doesn’t meet all the requirements below, you can apply to be a guest author and have thousands of readers and newsletter subscribers to see your work.

With me so far?


  • Your post must be written specifically for senior marketers, VPs of marketing, and CMOs. If it’s not for Sr. marketers and about marketing, please don’t send it to me. If you are not sure if it is a clear fit for those readers, then it probably is not a fit.
  • Specifically relevant to mid-sized to small enterprise companies. (200 to 2,000 employees).
  • Be an original article for the Steveology blog.
  • Your post should be well written. Exercise a good command of grammar, punctuation, clarity, style and tone. While I have my fair share of mistakes, I try. And for the love of god, please run your article through a spell check.
  • Use sub-headers and bullet points to break up the article and to make it easy for readers to scan.
  • Include a strong wrap-up/conclusion.
  • My readers want interesting, useful, practical, thoughtful, actionable information that helps them be smarter marketing leaders. Educate, teach, and provide insight and strategies that enable them to stay at the top of their game.


  • I reserve the right to edit or change the title and subheads as needed, without author approval, to improve clarity and increase SEO value.
  • I may make minor edits to the copy if needed for formatting or clarity, but I will not intentionally change the author’s meaning.
  • You’re allowed to include a link or two in your article, but only if they are relevant and point to material that adds value to my readers.
  • I’m flexible, but in general, the article should be 300 to 500 words.
  • Affiliate links are forbidden.
  • I will take care of sourcing a good photo to run with your post.
  • Please submit your posts in word doc file format.
  • Provide clear credit for all sources, and use common sense when citing anyone’s material. Please respect their copyright.
  • Post submissions must be your original work, contain no copyrighted work of others, and must not be offered or published in another place.
  • You will retain copyright. However, if your article is accepted and published by me, you grant an exclusive license to me, Steve Farnsworth, to republish the content, with full credit to you as the author, in any format royalty free. You can republish extracts, but the article in its entirety may not appear elsewhere without written approval from me, Steve Farnsworth.
  • If your article is accepted and published by me, you consent to the full article, extracts, samples or extras appearing in other Steve Farnsworth products and/or services. If I should use it elsewhere, again you’ll receive full credit as the author.

Must Read Last Bits & Fine Print Before You Submit

So, what’s the next step?

  1. Before you send me your guest post, first read The Steveology Blog posts from the last six months to see if your idea is a good editorial fit.
  2. Only after you have read everything and agree with it, send me your guest post by email as an attachment.
    • If you want to float an idea by me first, you can. However, you must send me a very strong title and a one paragraph description of your post. If you just send me a headline and no description, it will probably be rejected.
  3. In the first line of your message, you must write. “I have read and agree to all The Steveology Blog guidelines.”
    • If you don’t do the above, I’ll know you didn’t really read these guidelines and will automagically reject your submission.
  4. In your email, tell me what makes you are an authority on the topic you are writing.
  5. Include an author bio (Max 50 words) with your submission.
  6. Include a link back to your website, blog, or LinkedIn profile.
  7. I will provide a image for the post, but if your post refers to an image or diagram, please include a hi-res version in jpeg or PNG.

I’ll email you a confirmation when I receive your submission, but it may take up to three weeks for me to review and let you know if it’s accepted for publication.

Steve Farnsworth's Email

Steve Farnsworth’s Email