3 Things Midsized And B2B Marketers Don’t Do Well

Posted on May 30, 2014

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What Are B2B Brands Not Embracing Now But Need To Right Away?

One of the things that I see particularly among B2B organizations is that they say, “Oh, social is for consumer businesses.” They often scoff at it, and then set it aside. And they’re wrong to do that, said digital communications expert and keynote speaker Gini Dietrich in our interview*.

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Is Facebook the right place for a B2B organization? Probably not, but LinkedIn is. Google+ definitely is. Pay attention to where your customers are already hanging out online, and decide each case if it is where your brand should be, too. Pinterest? If your B2B it probably isn’t a good place for you but Google+, definitely is a good place.

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On The Road With Gini

I spend a lot of time out on the road speaking to CEOs and business owners. I’ve discovered that many B2B organizations don’t have a lead generation mechanism. If they do have one it’s a newsletter, and its content is all about the brand. Me, me, me.

Also, they fail to include trackable links and call to actions. There’s no way for them to track what readers are doing. The marketers might be tracking how many emails from them are opened. I always want to tell them, “Okay, just because somebody has it in their in-box your analytics might be counting that as an open.” You can’t use that as a meaningful metric. I think that’s a big, big mistake.

Collect Data On Content Marketing That Closes Sales

Finally, the third issue I see too often is they’re not taking their internal content marketing and tying it all to their CRM. If they did they could say, “Okay, we have traffic coming in from Twitter and LinkedIn,” for instance. With that data you can see what specific content generated an increase in web traffic. Then tracking those leads through the process with their customer-relationship management software to discover sales stages with weak conversion. Then can use that data find the best solutions to give those leads velocity. They’re not doing that.

* This is an excerpt from my interview of Gini Dietrich on PR And Communications For The New Century.

 Watch My 35 Minute Interview: PR And Communications For The New Century with Gini Dietrich



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