Mindful Social Media: Janet Fouts Interview

Posted on June 18, 2014

Tatu Digital CEO

While mindfulness has a long history in Zen and other Buddhist teachings, Janet Fouts thinks it is time for brands to be more thoughtful in our social media activities.

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Janet’s marketing agency, Tatu Digital, helps brands deliver their story to fans by using social media smartly.

She has advised many organizations on the business of social, including renowned human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize Desmond Tutu.

Watch this interview to hear her answers to:

  • What is mindful social media?
  • How can you use social media for storytelling?
  • What is a “real buyer’s persona”, and how do you use it in storytelling?
  • What does “listening more” really look like?
  • How to do integrate your humanity into your brand’s social storytelling?
  • What are few things you can do to be mindful in social media?
  • What process is required to understand the social voice of a brand?
  • Internal or agency, what are the required skills for a brand’s social media manager?

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Watch Mindful Social Media: Janet Fouts Interview


Janet Fouts, @Jfouts
CEO, Tatu Digital
Creator and host of the popular digital marketing show, The Friday Hangout, and on which I co-host!



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