Competitors Are Using Video To Steal Your Social Media Lunch Money

Posted on June 26, 2014

Content Marketing video

You hear about the power of videos for B2B ad nauseum, but I have only seen a few hard stats on why mid-sized businesses should spend the time creating videos to fuel their social media marketing.

Which is why I was glad to find these killer stats from KissMetrics.

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The Impact of Video on Sales

  • Video testimonials increase sales by 600%
  • Web visitors stay twice as long on pages with video
  • Shoppers who view a video on a web page are 144% more likely to buy
  • The use of video in e-mail results in a 96% increase in click through rates
  • Explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20%

I was slow to warm up to using video for social marketing content creation, but I now do all my client content marketing projects using video as the key medium for the original content creation.

I use it for my blog, too. The findability bump (search benefits) of using the social media latecomer Google+ Hangouts and YouTube alone make it a slam-dunk.

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However, the real one-two punch comes in the content parceling, repackaging, and repurposing.

Content Marketing Mediums

  • Video on Demand (duh!)
  • Podcast (by striping the audio out)
  • Multiple blog posts (by having the audio transcribed and edited)

From that, and a little preplanning, you can create awesome multimedia eBooks and white papers from your content, too. All that makes video a stupid simple decision.

Marketing Video Types You Consider

  • Animated/cartoon
  • Behind-the-scenes documentary
  • Case study
  • Company events
  • Employee and customer insight and best practices
  • Customer testimonials
  • Explainer videos
  • Industry trade show wrap-ups
  • Internal and external thought-leader interviews
  • Presentations
  • Product demo
  • Product reviews
  • Screencasts
  • Whiteboard/illustration

Does Size Matter In Video Marketing?

According to the Forbes Insight’s report, Video in the C-Suite, 36% of executives like videos that are 1 to 3 minutes, while 46% want videos that run from 3 to 5 minutes. Keep it simple. I use 2 to 4 minutes as the rule of thumb.

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