Telling Your Brand’s Story Using Social Media

Posted on August 6, 2014

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Can Midsized Business Tell Their Brand Story Using Social Media?

Looking at the Dog’s Breakfast that makes up the majority posts, updates, or tweets for B2B and midsized companies you might be inclined to answer, “No, you can’t.” However, you can if you talk about the real humans behind the brand. Large companies are slow to change. This is why small and mid-sized companies have an advantage over their bigger competitors. They can use their agility to great

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Well that’s really the important part, Janet Fouts told me. Janet is Tatu Digital’s CEO. She went on to say, you want to humanize Social Media. We don’t want to just be sending out the same old stuff. We want people to be able to connect, and we want them to be able to connect in a very human way so that something resonates with them.

You need to pick a stories that will resonate with your market. You need to pick a stories that people are going to tell their friends. An example of this is sending out a tweet saying, “Wow this is a really great product. They created it because of this problem and it solves this problem for me.” You need to figure out what that story is, and how many different ways you can tell it.

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What Humanizing Your Social Media Communications Actually Means

A lot of marketers think that they are marketing one to many. While that’s true to some degree, really it’s one-on-one human interactions that people make through social media. That’s what gets them engaged and gets them thinking about your brand in a meaningful way.

When you make a comment online you might send out a tweet saying, “Wow, I just had great customer service from XYZ.” There’s a a web hosting company called Media Temple that I really like. Every time I have a great experience with their customer service or their support I send out a tweet talking about that experience.

Here’s how they take that tweet and transform it into a memorable human encounter. The folks at Media Temple come back and thanks me via that social channel. Sometimes they send me an email. I love these guys. It’s because they have created that extra step; they have taken that extra step to reach out and talk to me as a human being. I don’t know their names (I don’t remember their names), but I do connect with them on a one-to-one very human level instead of a broadcast kind of message mentality. That old school broadcast style just doesn’t work on me anymore. I don’t think it works on anybody else either.

Real Humans Listen

There is so much that you can learn from just listening. Let’s say for example that you are creating buyer personas. Well, very often sales, marketing, and PR people come up with who we think the market is. Who their dream buyer should be. However, they don’t really know until they stop and listen.

When Tatu Digital does this for a client we listen to their customers talking about with the company’s product. We want to hear what they are saying about the competitors’ product.

  • What do they like, what excites them, and what related topics seem to come up?
  • Are they having to find workarounds when using ours or the competitors’ product?
  • Is there another product they often use or talk about when they are discussing our product category?

There’s lot of product development opportunities if we just pay attention. So when I say listening on social media I am talking about setting up alerts. I am talking about doing searches and finding out what are people talking about both about your product and what are they talking peripherally to that.

Use Social Media To Go Beyond Buyer Personas

If for example you sell shoes, what do people do in your shoes? Are they hiking shoes? Where do they go to hike? Well, then talk about hiking areas. Talk about subjects that are tangible for those people, and related topic areas, too. How old are they? What media formats do they like things delivered in?

All of those things can tell you a lot about a buyer’s psychology and what grabs their attention. Now you can tell your brand story by talking around your brand attributes that speak to those buyers. This seems like a lot of work upfront, the reality is that it streamlines your process effective so that it actually streamlines taking them over to be a little more mindful about who that person is.

(This is an excerpt from an interview.  Watch The Full Interview Mindful Social Media: Janet Fouts Interview.)

Janet Fouts, @Jfouts
CEO, Tatu Digital
Creator and host of the popular digital marketing show, The Friday Hangout, and I’m one of her co-hosts, too!

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