Too Much Content; Not Enough Eyeballs

Posted on September 19, 2014

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We all know that the internet is constantly exploding with new content and new marketing strategies. However, the population, literacy rate, and the amount of time that people have to pour over new content is not increasing at even close to the same rate. Thus, marketers need to face the fact that the number of eyeballs available to read their content is now vastly outmatched by the sheer amount of content.

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In short, this means that each piece of content or individual social media outreach may become less and less potent as the post or article becomes lost in the ever increasing flood of information. The scarce resource is attention. This presents unique challenges to marketers trying to capture that attention. Because of this, it may be ever more important for your sales and marketing efforts to focus on having actual face-to-face conversations with real human beings.

Staying Connected

This may not seem like the current conventional wisdom. Nowadays, everyone is talking about the power of the internet, social media, and the latest ever-new forum for connecting. However, it is this very ability to connect in so many different ways that is going to make it crucial for your salespeople to have the ability to have an actual conversation with another human. The classic “in the box” principles of human connection will be ever more needed in a world that is trying to always live “outside the box” with the newest and latest technology.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not anti-technology. Nor do I discount the value of good metrics, data, and good content. I readily acknowledge the immense power in connecting electronically. I also believe that the internet and social media are still in their infancy. I am simply stating that the sales and marketing teams that are able to get in front of real people will have an immense advantage over those that only focus on digital communications.

Humans Communicating

The reason? For all of our technological advances, the need for people to actually connect and look someone in the eye, to perceive things that crawling robots, big-data crunching software, and search algorithms cannot discern, will only happen when humans communicate the way they have communicated for thousands of years: face-to-face, or at the very least, voice-to-voice.

Let me give you an example: As a salesperson, I sat face-to-face with a high-level director of a sizeable organization. He told me that I was the only salesperson that he had let into his office regarding the product that I was selling. I was surprised. I knew competition was fierce in this particular market.

Just Being A Real Human

He then told me that the only reason that he had let me present to him was because I was nice to his secretary. Think about that – he didn’t say it was because I had a brilliant marketing approach. He didn’t say it was because I had a great logo, or a solid marketing brochure. He didn’t say it was because the company I was with had a great website or that our online media or social media presence was outstanding. He said that it was because I was “nice” to his secretary.

In my experience as a seasoned sales rep and trainer, I encounter a surprising number of booming businesses that are flourishing with little help from internet marketing. These businesses are often operating on a referral basis based on trust and relationships. Though perhaps I should be surprised, I am not.

Marketing and sales managers and directors who neglect the human side of the business do so to their peril. You can have great online marketing, be technologically savvy, and ride the latest trends in technology and online marketing, but if you don’t invest in training your salespeople how to connect with other people, you are leaving a lot of business to the companies that do. In short, use the best technology, but be old fashioned when it comes to people.

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