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The Art of Solving Problems By Turning Them Upside Down

February 12, 2014


The majority of my consulting practice focuses on creating content marketing that generates demand and simultaneously builds my client’s digital brand reputation. However, I am often asked to advise on larger problems that threaten business partnerships, customer relations, or the company’s name and brand, i.e., a problem that bosses need solved, but are unsure how […]

Social Media: The Next Generation of Market Research Is Here

December 10, 2013


“Social analytics tools will become the must-have to gain insight, make better, faster business decisions and improve customer satisfaction.” – Social Business News Steve Jobs was famous for taking a stand against traditional market research, telling us, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them. That’s why I never rely on […]

Learning from the Mistakes of Others: Competition Analysis and Online Marketing

August 12, 2013


  Competition analysis is of uttermost importance for the successful establishment of market positions. Today, nearly all niches are occupied. Launching a new product depends on the marketing and the presentation. Analyzing what the competition is doing will give you the opportunity to earn your market share without committing grave mistakes. Click to Tweet This […]

Everyone’s Got Mobile Marketing, But Do You Get How Different It Now Is?

February 28, 2013


As a midsized business you probably have some kind of mobile support as part of your marketing mix. So what? People’s primary method of interacting with technology is now becoming a mobile device. This is how they stay in touch with family and friends, catch up on the news, or find a great place to […]

How Do You Connect Employees And Their Passion To The Brand?

February 2, 2013


Often companies “roll out the new re-branding” to employees. and the marketing team then quickly puts a check mark in the done box and they're on to the next. Often brand managers focus only on the communications deliverables and not the holistic reality of creating passionate brand ambassadors from within the company.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Social Business?

December 21, 2012


  While becoming a social business is much less expensive than most companies realize, it does take time and resources. A fair question is, what’s in it for me? Or in this case, what is in it for the company? Ed Brill is a Director of Social Business at IBM. He says that the value […]

Two Invaluable Lessons I Learned From Working With The World’s Leading Brands

November 12, 2012


  I’ve spent the past 25+ years working with world-class brands like Virgin, Pantene, Heinz, Intel, TDAmeritrade and Orbitz. And I’ve learned some invaluable lessons from these “big boys”, that I believe are critical drivers of profit and growth for businesses of any size, in any category. Click to Tweet ★ 2 Invaluable Lessons I […]

Visual Marketing Strategy — Getting Started

August 27, 2012


With the growth of Instagram and Pinterest being adopted by so many major brands, the art of visually storytelling is one more skill the adroit marketer must have as a part of her skill set to stay relevant. So, here are three things you should know to start developing a visual strategy for your company. […]

Going Deeper – Getting Employees To Internalize A Brand

August 23, 2012


You can’t really create a brand. That is, create a bunch of communications deliverables and design assets, roll them out to the rank and file, explain to everyone at the company what the company’s new brand is now, and expect employees to internalize that brand. It just doesn’t work. Click to Tweet: ★ Going Deeper – […]

4 Things Gotye Can Teach You About Savvy Content Marketing

August 16, 2012


* Gotye, better known to his parents as Wally De Backer, is the musician that released the ubiquitous song “Somebody That I Used to Know” in 2011. A search on YouTube for “Somebody That I Used to Know” will return over 26,000 copies, remixes, and covers of that song. Lots and lots and lots of […]


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