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The Art of Solving Problems By Turning Them Upside Down

February 12, 2014


The majority of my consulting practice focuses on creating content marketing that generates demand and simultaneously builds my client’s digital brand reputation. However, I am often asked to advise on larger problems that threaten business partnerships, customer relations, or the company’s name and brand, i.e., a problem that bosses need solved, but are unsure how […]

Avoid A PR Nightmare By Creating Better Passwords

August 29, 2012


There have been several high profile cases of midsized businesses having their employee’s passwords hacked and their emails published, or rude and embarrassing items posted via their social networks. There are several way it can happen, like clicking on a malware link, but all too often the fault lies at the user’s doorstep. Several studies […]

Will “McDonald’s Breaks Teeth” Be The Next Viral Video Nightmare?

August 3, 2011


Will “McDonald’s Breaks Teeth” Be The Next Viral Video Nightmare? Man Breaks Tooth On McDonald’s Burger Containing A Bone. Mickey D Jerks The Guy Around. Now It’s A YouTube Video. A good friend of mine, Kevin, called and told me a horrible story about biting into a McDonald’s burger, hitting a bone in the meat, […] Social Media Crisis Follow-Up

April 28, 2010

1 Social Media Crisis Follow-Up I wrote a case study of how Sear Home Stores’ quick response helped mitigate a social media nightmare. You can read that story here: The Anatomy of a Social Media Nightmare Averted – A Case Study In the post I said that the Sear Home Stores’ response team had done […] The Anatomy of a Social Media Nightmare Averted – A Case Study

December 14, 2009

30 The Anatomy of a Social Media Nightmare Averted – A Case Study You are the social media strategist for Sears Hometown Stores. It’s Friday, the end of a long day, at the end of a long week. You are ready for a refreshing and well deserved cocktail to start your weekend. Heck, maybe two. […]

The $2 Million Tweet: Crisis Communications In A Pizza Box

October 8, 2009


When Mark challenged me to respond to his post on libel lawsuits and social media, I was thrown for a loop. Crisis communications for a business who had sued a client or tenant? Where do you even start on a self-inflicted gunshot wound like that?