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Social Business – Going from Qualitative to Quantitative

March 27, 2013


IBM decided to put some quantitative data around social business to find out if social was helping them as a business. Like most organization IBM has inside sales, which they call Teleweb since they use phone, email, etc. talking to customers. So, they decided to take a closer look at their Teleweb team and ask, “When using social, are they demonstrably more successful?”

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Social Business?

December 21, 2012


  While becoming a social business is much less expensive than most companies realize, it does take time and resources. A fair question is, what’s in it for me? Or in this case, what is in it for the company? Ed Brill is a Director of Social Business at IBM. He says that the value […]

The Future of Social Business

November 8, 2012


Click to Tweet ★   The Future of Social Business  ★ Recap of MidMarket IBM Social Business’s Futurecast * –New here? Get more useful social media news and insight by subscribing for free to the zero SPAM Steveology Blog email alert *Privacy Policy. * * Most midsized businesses are still early in the process, and trying […]

The Difference Between Social Media And Social Business Explained

November 6, 2012


Understanding the difference is important not only for marketing but for business leaders. Companies that don’t fully understand what this means to them are holding watch over a dying enterprise. Let me explain. A few years ago the true experts in social media quickly moved beyond that buzz word and asked what did it all […]

Using Your Company Blog And Social Media To Drive More Leads

October 27, 2012

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Marketing is about facilitating more closed business, and ultimately grow the company. When asked, most midsized and B2B companies will tell you that they are “doing content marketing.” However, often when you look at their social channels and company blog the content they create seems highly unlikely to help increase demand generation. Click to Tweet […]

What Must PR 2.0 Do Differently For Coverage From Journalist 2.0?

October 25, 2012


If you are a public relations professional for a B2B or midsized company you have watched coverage opportunities become even more scarce than ever before. I asked Jeff Vance about this. Jeff exemplifies the new breed of Journalist. Jeff is a freelance journalist whose work might appear in any one of a half dozen, or […]

How Bloggers Can Grow Each Others Readership

September 20, 2012


* If you are a blogger for a mid-sized company, or trying to build a B2B’s reputation, growing your readership is an ongoing objective. This is the same challenge that all business bloggers and individual bloggers struggle with alike. I have always thought Twitter was a marvelous way to help grow your blog readership by […]

Is Your Marketing Budget Smart Or Stupid? A Quick Test.

June 20, 2012


When I ask about how marketing is budgeted within an organization I find way too often that tradition has more influence then reality. Let me explain. Click to Tweet This Post ★ Is Your Marketing Budget Smart Or Stupid? A Quick Test. ★ Even among some very smart senior marketing pros I often find that their […]

Content Marketing Strategy: Thinking Bigger

May 29, 2012


In 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content [Infographic] And Content Marketing Case Study there were a number of great suggestions for any midsized company to kick off a compelling content marketing program. Reusing your content in new ways, like in tip #22, is a good starting place, but we can take that another step further. […]

How To Get A CMO To Approve A New Marketing Program

March 30, 2012


Effective marketing tactics must be constantly evaluated and re-evaluated to stay ahead of your competition, but you know this, management is highly risk adverse. How do you crack this impasse? There are new programs that you strongly suspect are worth testing to see if they work better, but getting approval by the C-Suite on new […]