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How Can You Use Twitter To Beat The Competition?

December 26, 2011


Lot’s of people will say Twitter is good for your business, but can you take it a step further? How can you use Twitter to stay ahead and beat the competition? Mark Schaefer is a noted blogger and author who consults with business to help answer these kinds of questions. Mark recently released his new […]

Is Twitter For Every Business?

December 10, 2011


Sometimes when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. So, is Twitter the right place for you business or organization? Mark Schaefer has used Twitter effectively to build his business and grow a very successful blog. If there is such a thing as a Twitter expert, Mark is it. It’s not hard for […]

Using Twitter For Business Networking And Driving Blog Traffic

September 15, 2011


Using Twitter For Business Networking And Driving Blog Traffic The old Twitter joke about people saying what they had for breakfast in their tweets has a little truth to it, but failing to grasp the more powerful side of that platform is easy to do. People who use the platform to broadcast self-referential tweets and […]

What Is The Tao Of Twitter? Author Mark Schaefer On Twitter’s ROI.

September 1, 2011


What Is The Tao Of Twitter? Author Mark Schaefer On Twitter’s ROI. Mark Schaefer recently released his new book The Tao Of Twitter. His book has been getting a boatload of 5 star reviews by readers on Amazon. I wanted to learn more about why Mark wrote a book on Twitter this late in the […]


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