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Getting Ink On The Steveology blog

Primarily, I cover aspects of digital marketing for midsized and larger companies that I find interesting and educational for fellow senior marketing professionals. Since this is a personal side project, and due to client workload of my day job, I sadly have limited time to review and coverall the very cool companies, books, services, or products I get via pitches.

To smart companies I believe that my readers would genuinely find fascinating and useful like yours, I do make available the opportunity to be reviewed, or have a story written about you, in a sponsored post that publishes on The Steveology Blog.

There are two options for this: 1) a 300 to 600 word feature article posted on my blog, or 2) A video interview (Vlog) with an executive summery posted on my blog and YouTube.

Steveology Readership
The Steveology Blog enjoys over 20,000 views a month, 860 RSS subscribers, and over 2,300 newsletter subscribers.

The post is tweeted daily to my very cool 111,000 followers on Twitter during the week it is published. It is tweeted again every few weeks for at least a year but usually longer. Since my awesome readers tend to read several posts when they visit I promote all my older posts that I think are still relevant. So, older posts continue to gain new readers long after they are published.
I have syndication arrangements with both DZone ( and Business 2 Community ( They select which of my posts they will re-publish, and when they do each post enjoys several thousand addition views. Also, via Triberr (The Blog Amplification Platform) every post is offered to 4,000 bloggers I’m personally connected with for sharing or re-blogging. These fellow bloggers collectively have a reach of 77,000,000 readers.

Additional Benefits

  •     Unlimited Rights To Reuse and Republish
  •     Links Back to Your Website
  •     Call-To-Action (Optional)
  •     About Company and Contact Section
  •     Post or Video Are SEO Keyed To Your Target Customers
  •     Prominently Displayed Company Logo
  •     Highlights Your Sponsorship of The Steveology Blog

Sponsorship is $1,500. Let me know if we can work together. You can reach me at “jolt social media (at)  gmail (dot) com” or at the office to discuss at (650) 331-0594.


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  1. We’d love for you to feature us sometime Steve. We’ve been following you on social since Day 1 here at Marketing Wiz.


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