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Too Much Content; Not Enough Eyeballs

September 19, 2014


We all know that the internet is constantly exploding with new content and new marketing strategies. However, the population, literacy rate, and the amount of time that people have to pour over new content is not increasing at even close to the same rate. Thus, marketers need to face the fact that the number of […]

52 Tweetable Tips On How You Can Create More Opportunity, Adventure and Friendship With Others

September 8, 2014

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My friend Kare Anderson wrote Mutuality Matters: How You Can Create More Opportunity, Adventure & Friendship With Others. In this post Kare shares a deck of cards worth of bite-sized takeaways from here book. Pick three things from this list that you will incorporate into your life starting this week? 52 Twitter-sized tips from the […]

Social Media: The Next Generation of Market Research Is Here

December 10, 2013


“Social analytics tools will become the must-have to gain insight, make better, faster business decisions and improve customer satisfaction.” – Social Business News Steve Jobs was famous for taking a stand against traditional market research, telling us, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them. That’s why I never rely on […]

Learning from the Mistakes of Others: Competition Analysis and Online Marketing

August 12, 2013


  Competition analysis is of uttermost importance for the successful establishment of market positions. Today, nearly all niches are occupied. Launching a new product depends on the marketing and the presentation. Analyzing what the competition is doing will give you the opportunity to earn your market share without committing grave mistakes. Click to Tweet This […]

Social Business Starts With Leaders Connecting Socially To Employees

April 1, 2013


One of the huge benefits that social media (still) has going for it is that it still feels very intimate. Some people complain that social media dilutes their “real” relationships and enhances their less meaningful ones, and that can be entirely true depending on how you choose to use and it with whom. But inside […]

What is the Godfather of Electronic Gaming’s Favorite Game?

May 7, 2012


What Is Nolan Bushnell’s Favorite Game? The legendary Silicon Valley communications firm Eastwick  held a private viewing of the film “Something Ventured”. This outstanding documentary takes a look at the real people who funded innovation there since the 50s. Click to Tweet This Post ★ What is the Godfather of Electronic Gaming’s Favorite Game? ★ At […]

What Are Great Topics That Your CEO Can Blog About?

September 27, 2011


What Are Great Topics That Your CEO Can Blog About? One of the most effective ways to spend your marketing budget is creating compelling content. When your blog talks about what you know, not what you sell, it can generate a lot of organic search results, direct traffic, and inbound leads. Having your CEO blog […]